Bigar waterfall

Bigar potok, Kalna, Knjazevac, Srbija
Bigar waterfall

Next to the winding road Knjaževac – Pirot there is a favorite stop for passengers – Bigar waterfall on Stanjinska river.

On site, there is a marked pedestrian and bicycle trail 3 km long, which leads next to  Bigreni  stream flow and the Monastery of the Holy Onfurije. However, many  leave this place without seeing limestone cascade lakes on the small river over a large waterfall.

Little lakes are of unusual blue – green colour, hidden in the dense undergrowth of a few hundred meters above the waterfall. Their natural beauty is known mostly only to the local population.

 Bigreni stream spring is located about three hundred meters upstream from the limestone pools and among  the local people is also known as “silly spring”.

From his cold and mineral saturated water over fallen branches, stems and leaves precipitated limestone creating a dams. Bigar is seizing the mass of wood in the water and makes impenetrable barrier above which the lake is formed. From it emerges, however, over the following obstacles in the riverbed, Bigar again is depositing  making a new dam and a new lake.

Line above and below the lake was used for grinding  grain  in twelve watermills. Watermill stones  are not rotating  for a long time, and the remains of the buildings are covered with greenery.



Bukovik waterfall

Bukovik waterfall

Crnovrska river flows under the Stara planina and it is flowing downin fast streams. River is throughout the whole year rich in water. Its riverbed was carved into the rocky ground through which water flows in the noise.

In some places, there were formed falls and waterfalls. The most beautiful among them is a waterfall Bukovik, which was named after the “noise” that water is a making diving from a height of a few meters.

Considering that this is a mountain river, the largest inflow of the water is  at the end of winter and the lowest  in the middle of the year. But even  then a waterfall is breathtaking.

In the winter months due to low temperatures, the waterfall freezes completely, but under the ice surface it can be still hearing  the roar of the power of water, which makes its path.

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