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Rural tourism in Stara Planina

Rural tourism in other parts of the municipality


The municipality of Knjaževac lies in picturesque river valleys of Svrljiški, Trgoviški and Beli Timok, on the hilly slopes of Tresibaba and Tupižnica and attractive areas of the northern part of Stara Planina.

Varied relief, from the gentle valley to the foot of the highest peak of Serbia – Midzor (2169 m), moderate continental climate, thermal springs, rapid mountain streams and small rivers, forests that are interspersed with orchards, vineyards and fields, diverse flora and fauna, make this area very attractive for rural tourism.

If you choose to stay in one of the villages on the slopes of the mountain (Crni Vrh, Ćuštica, Balta Berilovac), you will have the opportunity to enjoy walks through unspoiled nature, to hike, to pick herbs. A the end of the day, when you tired come back, friendly hostess will offer you the local specialty – belmuž, cheese, hot bread and other traditional dishes of local cuisine.

If hiking is for you too bold, make a trip to the Gornja and Donja Kamenica, where you can see the church of the Holy Mother of God from the 14th century, and the Monastery of the Holy Trinity from the 15th century.

One more reason to visit these mountain villages is the existence of the old watermills and wool carding mill in Balta Berilovac, as well as maintenance of the event “The Prayer”, where the sports games and competitions are holding as well as the competition of  the residents of Stara Planina in preparing antique dishes.

Those who like some tame landscape to enjoy in, we recommend the villages Rgošte, Ravna, Potrkanje, Jakovac, or on the slopes Tupižnica Zubetinac, Vlasko polje, Bučje and Stogazovac.

In addition to exceptional landscapes in which you can enjoy, in the village of Ravna there  is a site Timacum Minus, military fortification from the period of Roman rule. Near the site  there is  the archaeological ethno park, located in the courtyard of an old village school. In addition to the school building, in the courtyard of the house you can see a copy of the house from Gornja Kamenica and Berčinovac as examples of rural architecture from the end of XIX century.


What will further attract you are the excellent wines of Knjazevac  from vineyards that were awarded several times.

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