Banjica pool


Banjica Pool sport complex

“Banjica” pool is a complex of sports and recreational facilities. It is 5 km from Knjaževac, on the right bank of the Svrljiski Timok.

The pool complex consists of an outdoor Olympic swimming pool measuring 25 x 50 m, depth of 2.20 m, with thermal water which is supplied from a source Rgoška Banjica, children’s pool depth of 60 cm with a mini aqua park.

Visitors have access to locker rooms, restaurant, garden with 120 seats, parking, sports grounds.

During the winter the pool is covered and is suitable both for recreation and for the preparation of professional sports teams.

The quality of the pool conditions testify the big names that have had their preparations at the pool Banjica. Services of this pool were used by : Nadja Higl, Milorad Cavic, Greece swimming team and many others.

Sports tourism resources Knjaževac, tel. 019 / 730-570 or 019 / 779-059, e-mail:



Extreme sports


Extreme sports on the water

Stara Planina offers great opportunities for extreme sports.

The slopes of Stara Planina are ideal for snowboarding, mountaineering and hiking. Many fans of these sports are frequent guests.

Knjaževac municipality has a high quality conditions for paragliding. During the summer,  there can be seen paragliders, cruising in the sky and attracting  the curious glances  of observers.

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Mountain biking on the Stara planina

Stara Planina is one of the most beautiful in Serbia and has quality terrain for mountain biking.

Landscapes are specific, which is why it is a challenge for all cycling fans. On the slopes  and forests of this mountain beauty there were organized many cycling tours for those who prefer a trip into the unknown.

This is also a way to meet with the rivers in Stara Planina, and experienced cyclists say that the experience is nowhere more immediate. When the water comes, sources and clean water is plentiful throughout all the area of ​​Stara Planina. Of course, in such an adventure you should never go alone  but only in organized groups.

The plan is to Stara Planina become one of the most popular destinations for those who love cycling, so there will  be a place for amateurs as well as for those who are in the extreme categories of this sport.

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ATV Quad



Fans of four wheels (quads) are regular guests of Knjazevac municipality. Traditionally, in June there is  “Midžor Adventure”, which brings together quad riders from all over Europe.

There is driving down the rugged trails where human foot almost did not set foot, through rivers and streams, to the peaks, from which the roof of Serbia shows in all its beauty.

Quad club

Phone. 069 143 18 58 or 063 777 38 01


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Mountain Climbing


Two-thirds of the municipality is hilly and mountainous region with peaks over 1000 meters and for hiking and mountain biking  it is a treasure trove.

Pearls of the mountain climbing are Stara planina, Tupižnica and Tresibaba that  by its gentle expanse and an attractive appearance and nature can accommodate thousands of pedestrians and hikers.

Hiking on Stara planina mountain

Two-thirds of the municipality is hilly and mountainous region with peaks over 1000 meters as for hiking and mountain biking a treasure trove.

Pearls of the Stara Planina mountain climbing, Tupižnica and Tresibaba by its gentle expanse and an attractive appearance and nature can accommodate thousands of pedestrians and hikers.

Mountaineering Club “Babin zub” the Knjaževac charted 214 kilometers of trails and marked hiking signs on them.

In the municipality of Knjaževac there are 16 walking and hiking trails:

The track “Hajduckim stazama” 45 km – just drawn

The trail Ravno Bučje – Sveti Nikola, 6 km – Selected

Trail Pl. Dom – Midžor – a mountain lodge, the length of 15 km – Selected

Trail Dan, Mountain Lodge – Lookout – Babin Zub rock – Rudina – Jabučko ravnište, 8 km – Selected

Trail Mountain Lodge – Topli do 8 km – Selected

The trail Ćuštica – Jabučko ravnište, 12 km – Selected

The track “Put borovnice (blueberry path)” Popova meadows / Ćuštica / – Jabučko ravnište, 14 km – Selected

The trail Ćuštica – Preslap – Sedlar – Mezdreja, 10 km – Selected

Bigar stream trail – 3 km – Selected

Strbac trail – Grnčar – Strbac, 11 km – Selected

Hiking and jogging track health Jevik – Baranica, 7 km – Selected

The track “Banjski izvori” 21 km – Selected

 Trail Karaula, 9 km – just drawn

The trail Krstatac, length 12 km – Selected

Ždrelo “photo safari” Kulinje, Stogazovac, 7 km – Selected

Trail Kozelj – Tupižnica – Koželj, 12

These trails are marked with mountaineering markings but there is  need in one part of trail to renew and repair markings.

There are routed  12 footpaths more  in the length of 97 km, which will in future be regulated. European Pedestrian path E4, with its 104 km, is the backbone of all hiking trails in the municipality of Knjaževac, so that the part of corridor EEP-4 is already using for hiking.


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Skiing on Babin zub peak

Ski center Stara Planina in years receives new contents and becomes more and more attractive destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Ski resort “Babin zub” has four-seat chairlift “Konjarnik” with conveyor belt for loading skiers, with a capacity of 1,400 skiers per hour and ski lift – anchor “Suncana dolina” with a capacity of 1,200 skiers per hour, as well as the children’s ski kindergarten, near “Falkensteiner Hotel Stara Planina “.

The first gondola lift in Serbia is on the location „Jabucko ravniste“. Gondola, with cabins for eight people, transports skiers from the hotel to the further system of lifts and trails. In this part of the ski lift there  was built and the four-seater “Rudine” and ski lift, so it is connected with the part  of the ski resort on “Babin Zub”.

More than 13 kilometers of marked trails, of varying difficulty, are prepared for skiers of all categories. For lovers of extreme sports thereis provided a path for a free ride. In addition, the ski center of Stara Planina has established a system for artificial snow, so that in case of lack of natural snow, visitors to the center can enjoy winter sports.

JP “Ski Resorts of Serbia”, Old Mountain Ski Center, tel. 019 731 910, e-mail:,

Ski club “Midžor” Knjaževac, tel. 065 688 93 07

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Hunting as a sport and recreational activity in Knjaževac has long tradition. In the area of ​​Knjaževac there are favorable living conditions for different types of game and development of hunting.

Hunting as a hobby and sports-recreative activity occurred in Knjazevac area at 1833, after the liberation from the Turks.  Hunting Association Allience was founded in 1876 and it counted 27 members. Work of the Association was interrupted by wars, but it was restored in 1954.


Hunting Association “Minićevo ‘,association with a tradition of over 110 years is managing the hunting ground” Klisura “. The hunting ground extends from the Stara planina in the east to  Tupiznica mountain on the west.  The main road Nis-Zajecar and Beli Timok river are passing through the hunting area. Hunting area is  of 20,050 ha. The Association manages  of small game (rabbit, pheasant, partridge, woodcock, quail, etc.), together with  the big game (wild boar, roe deer and red deer, and from predators there are wolf, jackal, wild cat, marten and a fox).

Hunting Association Minićevo

Address: Trg slobode bb

Phone. 019 / 769-605

Hunting Association “Midžor”, based in Kalna, municipality Knjaževac is  managing the hunting ground “Babin zub” of total area of ​​28,000 ha, of which hunting area covers 24,000 ha. The association owns 3 hunting lodges with  usable area of ​​88 m². Constantly grown kinds of game in the hunting grounds are deer, roe deer, wild boar, rabbit, partridge and chukar partridge.

Hunting Association Midžor – Kalna

Address: Kalna bb

Phone. 019 / 760-598

Hunting Association “Knjaževac” manages hunting ground “Tresibaba”, which covers the territory of Knjaževac and 55 villages in the vicinity. It stretches over about 68 hectares of which 48 thousand in private ownership. In the hunting ground is cultivated, preserved and fished: partridge, quail, wild duck, goose, pheasant, hare, roe deer, wild boar and deer have a special treatment partridge and woodcock.

In addition to these types of wildlife and predators dominate the fox, badger, wild cat, marten, jackal and wolf hunting represents a special attraction and a challenge for every hunter. On the occasion of any jubilee anniversary of the founding associations organize  the opportunity to all interested members and other visitors to see the exhibition which presents the entire collection of trophies.

Hunting Association Knjaževac

Address: Kej Veljko Vlahovic 19,

19350 Knjaževac tel. 019 / 731-705




Municipal organization of sport fishermen “Beli Timok” exists since 1947. Clear water of Svrljiški and Trgoviški Timok and their tributaries are a real bait for fishermen.

There  are  gudgeon, bleak, chub, barbel even the trout at the foot of Stara Planina.  Nice breeze, zing strings, the sound of water-enough to enjoy.


OSR Beli Timok

Phone. 063442177


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