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In the east of the municipality, along the border with Bulgaria, there is Stara Planina, which is a very important and valuable natural resource. The diversity of resources that the mountaindisposes has been the reason for the state to put it under the protection  in 1997.

As a strict nature reserves were declared Babin Zub, Draganište and Golema reka and a waterfall Bigreni stream has hydrological status of natural monuments.

The relief of Stara Planina is a natural value that is seen in a small number of mountains here. Mild and sharp climbs, meadows, river valleys and cuts, complexes covered with evergreen forests, favorable climatic conditions are the basis for the development of various forms of tourism. 


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Stara Planina is almost five months under the snow at an altitude between 1100 and 1900 m, which represents a good basis for winter sports. During the summer you can enjoy walking, bird watching, paragliding, mountain biking, running, observation of nature …

A large range of altitude determine the development and survival of rare species of plants. The mountain abounds in medical herbs (St. John’s wort, blueberry, yarrow, teucrium chamaedrys, plantain, juniper, virak, thyme, gentian and many others). In this field, there are many species of macrofungi.

The researchs on the mountain found 116 species of butterflies; 6 species of amphibians; 12 species of reptiles, (46 species living on the entire territory of Serbia); 26 species of fish; 203 bird species (53.1% of the total number of known bird in Serbia). Stara Planina is one of the few habitats of griffon vulture. This mountain belongs to  5 ​​European centers of ornitofaunistic  species and genetic diversity of the mountains.

The areas of Stara Planina are environmentally clean and healthy, with no air pollution and “dirty industry”.

The highest point of the Stara planina in Serbia is  top Midžor with height 2169 m. In Bulgaria there is the highest point of the mountain, the top of Botev (2376 m N.V.).

Stara Planina extends along the Serbian – Bulgarian border from Vrška Čuka (Zaječar) on the north, to  Dimitrovgrad on the south, and its range extends to a distance of about 100 km, with not coming down in its middle part (around Midzor 2169 m) below 1500 m .

Especially attractive are mountain peaks that are above 1,700 meters, which are: Babin Zub, Kopren, Tri Cuke, Orlov kamen, Tupanar and others. It has a favorable geographical position as it gravitates towards urban centers that are the centers of administrative areas: Zaječar, Knjaževac, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad.

Forests rich in fauna provide opportunities for hunting tourism.

Weather conditions on Stara Planina do not deviate from the typical mountain climate: fresh mornings and evenings, warm sunny days in the summer and cold winter with plenty of snowfalls.

Depending on the year, the Stara Planina gets over 120 days under the snow. The maximum snow cover is  in January. The first snows usually fall in late October and the last at the end of April.

Skiing on Stara Planina has a long tradition. “Pioneers” who have brought the sport to the mountain perpetuatedthe footage that was created at the end of March 1958. The first housing unit for winter sports lovers, on the location of Babin Zub,  was mountain lodge that was built in 1951.


Babin zub

Babin zub  is one of the most beautiful peaks in Stara Planina with the altitude of 1758 m, 60 km from Knjazevac.

It represents a group of skerries, built from quartz sandstone. Relief and climate characteristics have defined Babin Zub for the initial destination of the construction of ski center in Stara Planina.

After the “humble” beginnings of ancient 50s XX century, today in the area of ​​Babin Zub, there are about 13 km of trails, 2 four-seat ski lift, 2 ski lifts and the first gondola in Serbia.

At 1580 m.n.v., 300 m from the slopes Konjarnik and Suncana dolina, there are Mountain Lodge Babin zub and Hotel  Babin zub. On location Jabučko Ravnište, at the point where they start with the gondola, since 2011, the work began Falkensteiner Hotel Stara Planina ****.

After the slopes there are  scattered a dozen rural households, of which each is special in their own way, they share the warm atmosphere and hospitality of the hosts. Babin zub  is a complex located at  the initial stage of its construction.

JP „Stara planina” Knjaževac, M.Obilića 1, tel. 019 731 110,


Is a low limestone mountain height of 1,170 m, 15 km from Knjazevac. It spreads between Knjaževac and Boljevac, or between mountains Rtanj and Stara Planina. It is known under the name Lasovo mountain.

Tupiznica held every year Republican hiking activity “Days of lilac”.

Climb to the top of Tupižnica starts from the village Bučje, which can be reached by asphalt road from Boljevac (26 km) or from the Knjazevac (18 km). Easy walk from the village center, to the summit can be reached in about three hours. In the first part of the course is landscaped moving through path with a slight rise. The middle part of the track is a little steeper and generally walks through the forest, while the third part of the track stroll along the ridge near the flowering lilac. All rise time gives a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside and the mountain Rtanj.

Given that it is a limestone mountain, it is a common phenomenon of karst forms of relief such as the famous cave Ledenica, cold cave object and David propast (hundred meters deep).

Tupižnica has potential for hunting tourism and extreme sports: paragliding, mountain climbing, mountain biking.

With regard to quality conditions and terrain, from 2010 Tupiznica held international paragliding competitions.

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