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Stara čaršija

Bordered by the slopes of Stara planina, Tresibaba and Tupižnica, intersected by rivers, whose riverbanksare linking numerous bridges, the municipality of Knjaževac represents a romantic meeting place whoseoffer can fascinate and cheer.

The Municipality of Knjaževac is now based on a combination of rich tradition and modern trends.

After an area of ​​1,202 square kilometers,it  is the fourth municipality in Serbia. The municipality comprises one town and 85 rural settlements. The range from the lowest point in the valley of the Timok (about 170meters altitude) to Babin Zub (1780 meters altitude) on Stara Planina, is a creative space in which everyone can find himself.

According to the last census, the municipality has approximately 32,000 residents.

Knjaževac is the Little Venice, lies on three rivers that intersected a large number of bridges, and in the center of the town old  trading -and craftsmen area  “Old Bazaar”.

Fruitful Timok river, the gold-bearing streams and Stara Planina have made thatKnjaževac area since ancient times is interesting for settlement. In the area of ​​the municipality there is in fact evidence of the human community back to prehistoric times,  from the Roman period, the period of Ottoman rule, etc.

Through Knjaževac flow Trgoviški and Svrljiški Timok and near to the town center are connecting together  making the Beli Timok.

The municipality is characterized by large contrasts in relief. It extends from the tranquil plains in the valley Timok, to the steep peaks of Serbia in Stara Planina. This area has long been known as a wine district  which today offers extremely high quality wines.

The ski center in Stara Planina contains  about 13 km of trails, ski lifts, gondola and rentals, and has a quality conditions for winter and mountain tourism.

At only 5 km from the city is small spa – Rgoška Banjica. At the point where the thermal water springs, formed the natural lake, a favorite resort for Knjaževac citizens and visitors.

Knjazevac can easily be reached from several directions. By rail and road routes municipality  is linked to Zajecar, Bor and Negotin in the north, Svrljig and Nis  in the south, and by special roadsthrough Boljevac and Sokobanja with highway  Belgrade – Nis.

The most important road  is the main road that stretches from the direction of Zajecar, passes through the territory of the Municipality of Knjaževac with a length of 22 km and is going to Nis.


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