St. George’s Day meetings – „Prayer under Midzor“


Touristic and  economic event “St. George’s Day Meetings –  Prayer under Midzor” is held in villages  Vrtovac and Balta Berilovac (35 km from Knjazevac).

The first part of the event is held on May 6. on St. George’s Day in the village Vrtovac. St. George is the village celebration known as one of the happiest ritual feast day which celebrates the power of spring and nature.

In the ceremonial ritual, the power of nature ,, Downloads “on people, cattle  and crops. St. George begins with  picking flowers and plants on Friday and with ritual knitting  of wreaths on the river. The celebration continues with the first milking of sheep, and on the day of celebration around the cells in Vrtovac there is ceremonial parade  – ’litija’, there is lustration of the cheese, ornamentation of the space around the cells with  flowers and plants by ’planinka’- a woman who represents the spirit of nature.

The most important act of the ritual is  slaughter of the black male lamb adorned with a wreath and lighted candle at the Horn, whom the people  of Budžak call “Prayer”.

The second part of the event is held in the village of Balta Berilovac and starts with blessing and invitation of  ’caja’ – commander  of the St. George’s Day ceremony to shepherds and to the people. Then follows a cultural – artistic program, sports and entertainment shepherd’s power play, the selection of the most beautiful shepherdess of Budžak, competition in preparing traditional dishes.

At the event can also be seen and the old crafts, displayed  medicinal plants and its application.

St. George’s Day Meetings – The Prayer represents a fusion of Christian and pagan customs.

In celebration of the St. George’s Day preserve the abundance of traditions, beliefs and magical practices, which have a role to ensure progress and family health, cattle and crops. St. George has been nominated for the list of UNESCO, and the holder of the proposal is Homeland Museum Knjaževac and proponent is the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade.


Tourist organization of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel / Fax: 019 735 230, E / mail:



Days of Lilac


Days of Lilac

At twenty kilometers from Knjazevac rises Tupižnica, which with its 1170 altitude offers excellent conditions for hiking.

In the second half of May, the Mountaineering Association of Serbia and Mountaineering Club Šiljak from Boljevac, with the support of the Tourist organization of Knjaževac and Mountaineering Association Babin Zub from Knjazevac, organize Republican action “Days of Lilacs”.

The climb begins and ends in the village Bučje. From village to the top can be reached in around 3 hours. This hiking activity gathers a large number of hikers and nature lovers from home and abroad.


Mountaineering duštvo Šiljak from Boljevac, Tel .: 063 466 463

Tourist organization of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel / Fax: 019 735 230, E / mail:,

MZ Bučje, Miloša Obilića 1 019 731 623


Youth Culture Festival Serbia


Festival kulture mladih Srbije

FKMS is a traditional Republican multicultural festival, which since 1962 has been held in Knjazevac.

Festival includes the execution and presentation of creativity in the fieldS of music (pop, folk, classical), choral singing, literature, recitering, drama, film, folklore, modern dance, ballet, art photography, youth cartoons, comics and video-creation.

Festival participants are young people who are engaged in highend amateurism or  who prepare themselves for  culture and the arts  to be oftheir vital interests.

The Festival is known and recognized in the cultural circles of the Republic of Serbia, and is wholeheartedly support by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia,KPZ  Serbia, colleges and art schools, recognized KUD and other interested parties to encourage cultural creativity of young people.

Organizer: Tel. 019 731 804 732 512 732 520 e-mail:



Stara planina Trails


Mountaineering campaign entitled ” Through paths of Stara Planina to Midzor” is held in July, organized by PD Babin Zub from Knjazevac and the Mountaineering Association of Serbia.

Since 2012, the action is entered in the official calendar of  republic events. For all lovers of hiking, the members of PD Babin Zub organize hiking on a few trails, one of which leads to the “roof of Serbia”, Midzor (2169m.n.v.).

Organizer of the: Mountaineering Club Babin Zub, Tel .: 062 215 654, E / mail:



Kadibogaz Gathering



On  Kadibogaz place, on  Serbian-Bulgarian border was erected a monument to friendship of Serbian and Bulgarian people. From the friendly relations of Knjaževac and municipality Belogradchik (Bulgaria) was created  Kadibogaz Gathering manifestation, which is held on weekends around the 19th of July.

Kadibogaz Gathering is  the economic and cultural event that displays the national cultural creativity and economic offer of settlement on both sides of the state border. Gathering  draws attention.


During three days, the duration of event, the borders to Kadibogaz are opened and can be crossed only with  ID. The number of visitors reaches even 3000.


The Municipality of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel .: 019 731 623, E / mail:,

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Topla the Center of the World


“Topla the center of the world” is an international art colony, which has been held since 2011, in July, in the village of Svrljiška Topla.

The event gathers artists from Serbia and abroad. During Manifestation, in the hall of the House, there are organized workshops (making jewelry, comics, making black-and-white photographs, English language classes for children and beginners), concerts, film screenings.

An interesting area is directing the film and video, which is also part of the Events.

Organizer: Tourist organization of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel / Fax: 019 735 230, E / mail:



Sabor na panadzur – Fair Gathering


At the foot of the mountain, in the village of Jalovik Izvor (40 km from Knjazevac), every year on the Assumption of Mary Day, on August 28 is held fair of original folk music popularly called “Panadžur” which brings together: singers, accordion, flute players, pipers, and trumpeters orchestras.

The best ones receive awards named after the names of our famous radio performers of folk music. The event promotes  amateurs in the original musical creativity.

Organizers: Tourist organization of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel / Fax: 019 735 230, E / mail:

Žika Radenković


Stara planina Challenge


Organized by the Cycling Federation of Serbia, Cycling club “Novi Sad”, under the auspices of JP “Stara Planina”, in July or August, held the race in mountain biking on Babin Zub on Stara Planina.

Organizers: Cycling Federation of Serbia

JP Stara Planina, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel: 019 731 110,


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Fish Kettle


Traditional sports event “Fish kettle”, organized by the OSR “Beli Timok” with maximum support from the local government and the Tourist organization of Knjaževac.

It brings together a large number of fishing associations competing in fish soup cooking.

Organizer: OSR Beli Timok, Tel. 063442177

Sponsor: Tourist organization of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel / Fax: 019 735 230, E / mail:




The main motive on which it is based is a manifestation of rosehips, useful weed, edible wild plant that grows in the abandoned meadows and fields, on the slopes of the forest. Its attractive look attracts fragrant flowers in early spring and in autumn lures passers ripe red fruits.

In everyday life, we can consume processed parts of plants as food or as medicine. Often used in speech, to emphasize the success or failure, wealth or poverty.

The event takes place in the rural Cooperative Centre in Novo Korito, the last inhabited place on the road from Minicevo to the border with Bulgaria.

The organizers’ of  Šipurijada “prepare a competitive, spectacular, artistic, educational and entertaining program.

Competition program is organized in the following categories: The largest and most beautiful wild rose; Best of rosehip jam; The most original recipe with rose hips; The most beautiful decorated stall; The best art work; The best literary work.

Participation at the event in the category of literary and artistic works is planned only for children from pre-school and primary school.



„With Tradition to Europe“


Manifestation “With tradition in Europe” aims to promote the opening of the winter tourist season in Stara Planina, the preservation of heritage and spiritual values ​​of this area.

It brings together a large number of associations from Serbia and the region. Held at the end of November and in a certain way represents the final of the annual activities of tradition in Serbia. The event is organized under the auspices of the Municipality, and the main carrier of Events is Association for tradition preserving „Izvor“ Knjaževac.

Organizer: Association for tradition preserving „Izvor“, Trg oslobođenja 1,

Phone. 019 730 660, E / mail:

Sponsor: Tourist organization of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel / Fax: 019 735 230,


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Eko Fair


“Eco Fair” is an event that Tourist organization of Knjaževac organizes since 2014, in cooperation with the local government and the Fund for Environmental Protection of Knjaževac.

The main objective of this event is to awaken environmental awareness among children and to educate the youngest on the importance of healthy eating. Caring about the environment and its preservation is an important segment of the tourist offer.

The event includes several activities:

  • sales exhibition of local products in front of the Cultural Center
  • organize a quiz for children on the theme “Healthy food” at the Great Hall of the Cultural Center
  • masquerade theme “Healthy food”
  • competition for preschool children and children of the first class for the best art work on the theme of healthy food
  • exhibition of children’s works submitted to the contest in the hall of the House of Culture
  • competition in decorating the Christmas tree ornaments made of natural materials

The best works will be awarded prizes.

The project includes all educational institutions in the municipality of Knjaževac,  citizens’ associations and owners of agricultural holdings.

Organizer: Tourist organization of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel / Fax: 019 735 230, E-mail:


Ultra Trail Stara planina


“Ultra trail Old Mountain” is an event that Tourist organization of Knjaževac organized since 2014, in collaboration with the sports associations that foster adrenaline sports and extreme sports in nature.

Race includes 3 tracks: 19 km, 86 km and 122 km. Two long run for the hill country are pointed to the “Ultra Trail Mont Blanc”, a shorter route to the national “Skyrunning league.”

International character and gathers a large number of competitors both in the country and the region, and beyond, and because of the terrain and profiles trail is considered one of the most difficult in this part of the Balkans.

Organizer: Tourist organization of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel / Fax: 019 735 230, E-mail:



Dani Dijaspore – Days of Diaspora


In 2014 it is  launched a new event called “Days of Diaspora”. The event is primarily intended to Knjaževac’ people  living abroad, butwho spend  here  their vacations and disband.

The event promotes and brings to life all the things which Knjaževac was proud of, and eventually is forgotten through the time.

The first part of the event is held on the coast of Svrljiski Timok, at the Memorial Park and is a mixture of cultural, sporting and gastronomic events. In the atrium of the Memorial Park  amateur painters from Knjaževac excibit their works,they also  paint pictures on the spot. OSR “Beli Timok” and the Hunting Association Knjaževac are preparing fish soup and hunter’s stew for citizenship.

Space of Memorial Park turns into a fairground in the open,  producers from Knjazevac offer their products (wine, honey, souvenirs) at the stands to the visitors of the event.

Oldtimers parade is helding in the centre from Knjazevac organized by the Association of lovers of old time vehicles Knjaževac. Knjaževac pan orchestras have their performance, there are 5 of them and are award-winning and declared to the European and even world champions.

The second part of the event was conceived as a promotion of sports and human capacities of Knjaževac. All activities are implemented at the pool “Banjica”. There is a competition in beach volleyball and the Games without frontiers, as well as the competition  for Mis Knjazevac.

Organizer: Tourist organization of Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1, Tel / Fax: 019 735 230, E-mail:



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