Traditional cuisine

Municipality of Knjaževac has great natural wealth and preserved tradition. Clean natural environment and fertile soil make a healthy base of traditional, organic cuisine and  high quality wines .

Cuisine of Knjaževac represents a blend of tastes. On the table is the food that has fostered a century of experience and that is traditionally carefully balanced and energy-worth.

When it comes to food, in the municipality of Knjaževac you might say, that it “breathes and smells.” In our country it is customary for the guest to prepare a “treat”, it does not matter what time of day and the meal comes, the hosts will do their best to meet all your needs.

Do not miss to try our, domestic, cheese pie or corn bread with cabbage. Knjaževac area is known for its excellent cheeses ( “sitni” i “na velije ‘) and quality brandies and because of that you should  try and feel their” charms “.

On the table it can be found stuffed “Gužvica” of meadow cabbage,ramsons salad and local specialty belmuž under mandatory. Roasted lamb that   you can  tryhere,  anywhere else you will not be offered.

And after a tasty appetizer, calorie main dish, followed by a sweet, sour  cherry pie  or with walnuts (Orešnjak) vanilice and more sweet delicacies that will complete your enjoyment.

All this pouring some of the quality Knjaževac wine, then you take a comfortable position and with the sound of music, or the chirping of birds, depending on your affinities, enjoy the sunset, the fresh air and local stories, which will host,of course to your personal requirements, will be happy to taok about.

If you visit one of the restaurants, they  will offer you barbecue specialties, soups, lamb and pork, fish and ready meals. The full enjoyment will follow pleasant music performed by one of our local bands.

Well here you try!




Wines just like in Tuscany

Viticulture and wine production in Knjaževac vineyards are dating back to Roman times, of which there are data from archaeological site Timacum Minus, next to Knjazevac.

On this site was excavated a statue of Dionysus, god of wine of the ancient Romans. Data show that the Roman legions refreshed quality wines from this area before departure to military campaigns. In the records of ancient writers from the third and fourth centuries Knjaževac area is described as a vineyard.

Džervin hill above Knjazevac is the location of the oldest vineyards in the region. These vineyards were planted  in Plovdin, Prokupac and some types of varietal grapes.

Natural conditions of Knjazevac and the surroundings have identified this area for vineyards long time ago. Today, Knjazevac wine is inseparable from the history and traditions of this area. In Knjaževac vineyards there are represented  red varieties: Red Burgundy, prokupac and Plovdina, and the white: smederevka and Italian Riesling.





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