Rgoška banja (spa) is located on the bank of Svrljiski Timok, near the village Rgošte, 5 km from Knjazevac.

It is one of the favorite resorts for Knjaževaccitizens and visitors. It consists a series of springs appearing in the aquifer rifts length of 800 m.

rgoška banja

The spa is known since ancient times, as evidenced by the remains of a Roman bath as well as a written record that Felix Kanitz left in 1804. writing about its thermal springs and healing properties.

The water of Rgoška banja  belongs to the group of  warm, subthermal waters, a temperature of 20 – 37◦C, with a therapeutic point of view is classified as hypothermes. Analyses of chemical composition and medicinal composition of the water showed the presence of selenium, radon, magnesium, fluoride, etc. This water is suitable for the treatment of respiratory organs , sciatica, rheumatism, certain nerve diseases …

Rgoška spa is a frequent destination for hikers. In its delights can be enjoyed at any time, due to the consistent water temperature. There is a plan of building of accommodation facilities, aqua park, spa center, etc. This will be material base for the reception and stay of tourists.

Rgoška spa with its water supply pool complex “Banjica”. It includes an open Olympic pool depth up to 2.20 m, children’s pool depth of 60 cm with mini aqua park, a restaurant and several sports fields for beach volleyball, mini football, basketball.

Olympic swimming pool has recently been covered and now it is possible to swimm  in the winter. Visitors know that this complex is one of the best in Europe. Successful swimmers and water polo players use  benefits from the swimming pool during their preparation. At the pool Banjica were preparing Nadja Higl, Milorad Cavic, Representation of Greece, many sports clubs from Serbia and neighboring countries.



Baranica is a natural bathing place,  favorite among the local population. It is located on the right bank of  Trgoviški Timok, in the gorge of the river, 5 km from the town.

Since the road Knjazevac-Pirot  runs nearby,it is a common station for  frequent travelers who stop to take a break from the road. Baranica is extremely attractive for fishermen and “creative” swimmers who would be tried out in games on the water. Baranica bathing place  is the most visited during the holidays, in the spring and in the summer.

Except as bathing place, Baranica  is known as the Paleolithic cell. Larger rock shelter on Baranica is raised high above the river, located on the right bank of the Trgoviški Timok, at about 100 m above the river. The cave has two entrances, one on the east and the other on the south side. The basis of this cave habitat is quite jagged and consists of three rooms: the semicircular vestibule from which to the north and west provide corridors that lead to one smaller and one larger room.

During the archaeological research by the Homeland Museum Knjaževac and Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, in the cultural layers of the cave there are registered flint artifacts and diverse bone material. Found flint tools are belonging to younger paleolithic cultural complex.



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